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  • Locations: Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Program Terms: Spring Term
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring Term 2020 05/03/2020
Rolling Admission 30/01/2020 10/07/2020
NOTE: la date de fin inclus de possibles rattrapages

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.

Indicates that deadline has passed
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Langue(s) d'enseignement (en sus de la langue du pays): English Score TOEFL minimum requis: No Requirement
Etudiants éligibles: Grande Ecole Nombre de crédits à sélectionner: 26 crédits ECTS
Niveau de cours minimum à choisir: Master Program Thématiques des cours à choisir: Business Management ONLY
Contact Audencia: Cécile Steyer (, Faustine Lasseron ( Erasmus code: NL MAASTRI01
Note minimum pour valider un cours: Université ouverte: Yes
Program Description:

 Description de l'université                  Cours et Crédits                    Modalités de séjour      

SBE-Information Sheet for Students 2018-2019.pdf
SBE-Information Sheet for Students 2019-2020.pdf

Description de l'université

The city Maastricht :
Maastricht gained international fame as the host of the European Summit 1991, where the treaty of Maastricht was adopted as the formal foundation of the European Union. Situated in the heart of Europe, the city is just a short distance away from Belgium, Germany and France. A city rich in history, Maastricht has a truly international flavor and as the charming provincial capital of Limburg, it is one of the oldest and most attractive cities in the Netherlands.

Maastricht University :
Maastricht University is highly regarded in Europe for its unique teaching style and high-quality research. For several years now, a number of national surveys have ranked consistently Maastricht University, and more specifically, the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) as the best in terms of education and research. Moreover, SBE has been awarded three prestigious accreditations, resulting in the so-called Triple Crown accreditation. Only 1% of the business schools worldwide have this Triple Crown, meaning that the school is amongst a very select group of institutions.
It is a distinctly international institution with a student population consisting of over 66 nationalities. Of the total of 3750 bachelor and master students more than 1500 (40%) have a foreign background. Additionally, the School yearly welcomes about 400 exchange students from its 135 partner universities worldwide.
SBE creates a sound study environment by providing its students with modern and technical well-equipped study rooms and research facilities, a large selection of reference books, various work stations throughout the school as well as a central student services centre. An active collaborative partnership with companies in the business community complements the opportunities available at Maastricht University.

Cours et Crédits

Vous devez remplir le learning agreement et le faire signer à votre université d'accueil puis l'envoyer en format pdf à M. Blaess : Une fois que M. Blaess vous a renvoyé votre learning agreement signé, vous devez télécharger le document et soumettre le document FINAL avec les 3 signatures (vous, Audencia, l'université d'accueil) via les questionnaires "Choix de cours " et "ERASMUS Learning Agreement final" si vous avez fait une demande de bourse Erasmus. Cette démarche doit être effectuée dans les délais impartis par votre partenaire et impérativement avant le début de votre semestre.
Les changements de cours ne sont pas possibles ultérieurement sauf en cas de force majeure.

Vous pouvez consulter la liste des cours proposés (à titre indicatif) ainsi que le calendrier académique:

SBE-Academic Calendar 2019-2020
Master program 26 ECTS (2 x 2 blocks). Soyez vigilants sur le nombre total de crédits sur spring.
"Period 6 is the skills training period.
During the skills training period you can only register for one (1) skills training (worth 4 ECTS). Skills trainings are not compulsory for exchange students."

Please note that it is crucial that students check our course descriptions very carefully and make sure they select the correct courses, since our deadlines are extremely strict. Students can always ask the course coordinator (mentioned in the descriptions) for advice. Changes after registration periods are NOT possible. If your students do not select the correct courses before the registration deadlines of the specific periods, they risk not being able to earn enough credits during their exchange. Maastricht University uses the Problem Based Learning Method, whereby the average class size is 15 students. We therefore need to do a lot of planning (finding enough rooms and teachers/tutors and making sure there are about the same number of students in each tutorial group). Allowing students to change after the deadline would create a lot of organisational and logistical problems. We therefore provide your students with the Course Database, which should give them enough information about the courses to make an academically sound decision. The courses can be found on the following website:

After the students have applied on-line we will conduct all further correspondence with them directly.

 Modalités de séjour

  •  Conseil aux voyageurs
  • A faire

Voir fact sheet et bilan de séjour.
Merci de ne pas contacter votre université d’accueil sans l’accord préalable de votre coordinateur d’Audencia !
Vous pouvez consulter toutes les informations utiles
Dossier d'inscription - mode d'emploi
SBE-Manual online registration and application - 2019-2020.pdf

ASSURANCES : Transmettre une décharge de responsabilité en ligne à partir de la rubrique "Assurances" de l'intranet au plus tard 15 jours votre départ.

  • VISA
Uniquement pour les étudiants dont la nationalité est hors UE. Si vous êtes concerné, contacter l'ambassade du pays et prévoir un délai suffisant pour les formalités. 

"As soon as your students have completed the online application, we will forward their details to our Visa Office (if applicable). Our Visa Office will contact them in due time but if your students did not hear from the Visa Office three months before the start of their exchange semester, we kindly ask them to inform us via

On the webpage of the Visa Office, your students will be able to check if they are required to apply for a visa:

Student with the Chinese nationality, are, on top of the entry visa, also required to apply for a Nuffic certificate:"

  • Logement   
UM Guesthouse
Most exchange students end up staying at the UM Guesthouse. Unfortunately SBE cannot guarantee that all students who apply for a room at the Guesthouse actually get a room. Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, and we have no influence on that process. Reserving a room at the UM Guesthouse is possible via the on-line reservation system at

Other Housing Options:
Of course exchange students are not obliged to get a room in the UM Guesthouse, even though it is the easiest option. Students can also find a room on the private market.
Check the following websites for alternatives: local, outgoing students sublet their room for a short period of time to incoming students. acts as intermediary for the local housing corporations in the so-called “social” rent sector, and is also the portal for the UM Guesthouse.

It may be good to realise that SBE’s International Relations Office cannot and will not interfere on your behalf in case of legal disputes, whether with the UM Guesthouse, MaastrichtHousing, HousingAnywhere, Kamerburo, or private persons or landlords.
If faced with legal problems you are advised to go to the student law agency (“Studenten Rechtsbureau”), which is an agency for all UM students, run by UM Law Students.

  • Bilan de séjour

A titre indicatif, et non contractuel, vous pouvez consulter les bilan de séjour ci-dessous
Maastricht Bilan sejour
Bilan de Se_jour Maastricht University - 2019

This program is currently not accepting applications.