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You have several different accommodation options in Nantes: there are student residences, young workers’ accommodation, hostels, host families, and private apartments.  We are happy to help you find information about available accommodation options, but Audencia does not guarantee students with housing.
When you apply to Audencia, we provide you with a "housing guide" and some details about our housing platform to help you find the best solution.
You should log in to this platform and start looking for an accommodation as soon as you are nominated.

Temporary accommodation
If you tell us you need support finding housing at the time when you apply to Audencia, the International Office can arrange for temporary, low-cost accommodation for a few days upon your arrival. You will need to find more permanent accommodation in the days following arrival, although some of the options below allow stays of up to one month. A few options available in the city centre of Nantes include:
  • Hotel residence– Appartcity – Downtown
  • Auberge de Jeunesse
  • Résidence Launay Violette
  • Résidence La Bourgeonnière

Student residences
If you would like to stay in a student residence in Nantes, we recommend you to plan ahead and contact residences as early as possible. For most of them you will have to produce a certificate proving that you have a financial guarantor. You may also need to pay a deposit (two to three months’ rent ) and the first month’s rent to the landlord (or lesser). Rents vary (€300 to €600/month) according to the size and location.

Student residences are privately owned residences which have been built relatively recently and generally offer furnished flats ranging from studios to two bedroom flats . In addition, they may offer various facilities such as cafeterias, laundromats, sports facilities, and Internet. Utilities such as electricity and gas are usually not included in rent and must be paid separately. If your residence does not include internet, you may have to set this up yourself.  Student residences in Nantes include:
  • Residence Le Nanteus
  • La Brunelliere
  • Les Estudines Ducs de Bretagne
  • Les Estudines Nantes Atlantique
  • Residence Rene Cassin
  • Les Laureades et le Jardin des Sciences
  • Residence de la Salle

Private flats
Renting a private studio/flat in or near Nantes is generally possible through estate agents, local classified adverts, or word of mouth. Once you have found an appropriate studio/ flat, there are certain necessary procedures to follow. We recommend that you check the ANIL website for any legal information. Their staff speak English and are very helpful.

In most cases, you will need a “guarantor” in order to rent an apartment. This must be a person who receives a salary within France and is financially responsible for your rent in case you are unable to pay. In some cases, student residences may require also one guarantor. Although it may be possible to make rental arrangements before arriving in France if you have personal connections in the Nantes area, this is usually difficult and can also be risky. This typically involves making an advance payment to guarantee the reservation, and you may have to forfeit your deposit if you change your mind after arriving in France.
Support from CROUS student organisation

The CROUS student organisation in Nantes is another helpful resource for finding accommodation. Once you sign up for a membership (€4.50), on their website look for the "logement en ville" section. Choose an option under " type de logement". If you find an interesting advert, select it and enter the password which was given to you with your membership. Please note that CROUS does not accept cheques from abroad in order to pay for your membership.

Financial support for housing
In France, if you rent a private room or an apartment, you may be able to qualify for financial aid. Please visit the “Caisse d’Allocation Familliale (CAF)” to find out your eligibility for “Aide Personnalisée au Logement” (APL).

Additional information regarding housing assistance can be found on the Campus France website.

In order to obtain the financial aid, you will need to provide CAF with the following pieces of information:
  • Passport
  • Housing Contract
  • French student card
  • Birth Certificate (Translated in French)
  • Three passport photos
  • Valid Student Visa with “OFFI Stamp”