Life in Nantes
Life in Nantes

Audencia Nantes is located in the heart of beautiful Nantes, France, which has been rated “the best place to live in France” by Le Point magazine. Students in particular enjoy a fantastic quality of life here: almost 20% of Nantes residents are young people from 16 to 25 years old who study in the city.

Just two hours from Paris and less than a 30 minute drive from the Atlantic coast, Nantes Métropole is a thriving modern city with old-world flair and has approximately 600,000 residents. It is also easy to get from Nantes to London, Brussels, and Geneva. The region is a popular tourist destination, drawing around two million visitors per year, and offers countless sights and attractions for students to take advantage – both within the city and in the natural surroundings. Nearby cultural and natural attractions include:
  • "Val de Loire" region, including parks, legendary castles and cities are part of the UNESCO "World heritage of the humanity"
  • "La Baule" and the lovely beaches of the Atlantic coast
  • One of the most renowned vineyards in France, producing delicate white wines such as muscadet
  • The annual classical music festival "La folle journée"
  • The science-fiction festival "les Utopiales"

Check out the Nantes Tourist Office’s list of top 10 things to see and do in Nantes.

Food and groceries
Nantes boasts numerous supermarkets, shopping centres, and outdoor markets where you can take care of all of your shopping needs. It is usually more economical to visit the outdoor farmer markets for produce at a bargain and the large “hypermarchés” also known as supermarkets for household items such as blankets, cleaning supplies, dried goods. The cost of food in Nantes is relatively low, so you can enjoy delicious fruits, vegetables, French cheeses and more – all on a student budget. It is wise to get a “Fidelité” card from the supermarkets as this will allow you to take advantage of special deals and sales! The cards are free of cost and you can get them from the cashiers.

Dining and nightlife
When you decide to get something to eat off-campus, you can take advantage of the variety of restaurants Nantes has to offer which offer both traditional regional cuisine or ethnic specialties. Nantes also has a very lively nightlife with the most famous nightclubs in bars in the popular “Bouffay” District. It is not necessary to leave a tip as this is often included in the price of the meal. Be sure to check out the “plats du jour” or “menu midi/soir” for lunch and dinner specials.

You can travel in Nantes by tramway, bus, busway (similar to a tram), bike, and even by boat! Nantes has an excellent public transport system. Taxis are available throughout the city as well, but Nantes is a very walkable city therefore we encourage you to walk around and explore the city by foot. The Nantes SNCF station is the central train station where you can take trains to Paris, London, Brussels or more! Visit the official SNCF website for ticket price and time table information!

Nantes offers its residence and visitors many different sport facilities such as swimming pools, football fields, ice rinks, and more. You can also join the “BDS”, or the Bureau de Sports, at Audencia and participate in a variety of sports such as football, tennis, badminton, or running.

Nantes has a vibrant cultural scene offering everything from medieval castles and art museums to a planetarium, cinemas, and even bowling alleys. The city offers far more than what we can fit on this one page! We suggest you allow a monthly budget of €100 for cultural activities. You may also explore nearby cities by train and learn about the vast geographical landscape France has to offer.