Frequent Asked Questions


1. How many credits do I need to undertake?
Audencia does not require a minimum number of ECTS for exchange students; please check this with your home institution.
However, Audencia has a very rigorous academic environment; students are required to work hard to obtain credits. The minimum ECTS requirement for French students is 30. Exchange students not accustomed to the full load system can take a fewer courses, but we strongly suggest you take as many courses as you can; with good teachers and friendly classmates, you will certainly find them interesting and valuable. 

2. How can I choose the courses?
You can check our course catalogue as a start. Once application opens, you will be able to: start building up your course list with your home university coordinator’s help.
Attention: Make sure your choices have been approved by your home university. After the application deadline, please note that no change/drop of course is allowed.
3. Can I choose courses from different programs?
Students can only choose courses from one specific program; no cross-program choices are permitted. Besides, for MAJOR/SPECIALIZATION programs, you need to take the ENTIRE set of courses, which values 28 ETCS.
4. Can I choose courses in French?
Yes, you can choose courses either fully taught in English or fully taught in French.
5. Can I add or/and drop a class at anytime during the semester?
Once course choices have been approved by your home University and once application deadline has passed, it is NOT possible to make any changes to your course choices.
There is no add and drop period at AUDENCIA;
6. Is it compulsory to register to the French language course?
No, unless required by your home University.
Nevertheless, Audencia strongly encourage foreign students in learning the language from the country they have chosen as exchange destination, this, for any country visited.
7. How grades will be converted into my home university’s transcript system?
Exchange students should please check with your home university to find out.
8. Course timetable
The detailed course timetable will be available at the beginning of the semester. On the orientation day, students will be given their login username and password to our tomorrow online platform, by which you can access to your own timetable.


1. When will I receive my Admission letter from Audencia?
Admission & accommodation letters will be sent to your home university coordinator couple of weeks after we receive the official nomination. Please make sure that you have provided the correct information to your school (date of birth, name spelling, place of birth etc).
2. When will I receive my official transcript from Audencia?
Transcripts edition starts as soon as all grades have been received from Professors.
Two copies (1 electronic, 1 hard copy) of your transcripts will be sent to your University’s Coordinator, approximately 2 months after you depart from Audencia. In the meanwhile, we suggest you check regularly your Tomorrow account, you will be able to view all available grades there. 


1. Birth certificate
For Non-EU students, a birth certificate will  be required if you apply for housing financial support from CAF (Caisse d’Allocation Familiale). A French translated version is mandatory and this document needs to be notarized by both French Embassy and local Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
You do not need to submit it with other application documents at the same time, just remember to bring it with you when come to France.


1. Orientation day
Orientation is mandatory for international students. It is often held one or two days before the courses start. The exact date will be provided couple of weeks before the term starts.

2. What can I do if I have to arrive after the Orientation?
Any late arrival must be informed to your coordinator. Students will be given necessary information at a later stage.
3. Does Audencia offer on campus accommodation?
For the moment unfortunately not, however we will provide a list of off campus solutions. Priority is given to international students and places will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Please refer to the information under "Accommodation".
4. Can I leave before semester is over?
The last week of each semester is dedicated to Final exams. In the event that you have taken all tests before official semester ends, you may leave the Campus. For other special requests about early leave, please ask your home university coordinator to contact us.
5. Travel Insurance
The insurance for visa should be purchased in your home country before you apply for the visa; it is a travel insurance which covers you from the departure date till the time you are registered under the French health insurance. Please check with Campus France/French Embassy of your home country for additional requirements.

6. Can Audencia help me to get the visa earlier?
 International students must comply with the criteria and procedure of visa application at their home country. We cannot hlep in terms of duration.
7. Does Audencia provide immigration issues support?
Yes, we will explain the immigration/visa formalities during the Orientation.
8. Does my student visa for France allow me to travel in other country?
You must be careful when applying for visa to which extend you will be free to travel. It all depends on your nationality and country of origin. We invite you to check with the French Embassy or consulate’s website and the same for the country you are wishing to visit.
9. Do I have to open a Bank account even if I only stay in France for one academic semester?
It is preferable to have a French bank account, in order to avoid transfer problems, fees due to foreign currency exchange and delays in security deposit (housing) refund.
10. How can I open a French bank account for the duration of my stay?
IC TEAM (International Connection Team) negotiates directly with banks to get you the best possible deal, offering banking services such as current account openings, housing insurance (compulsory). It will also be explained during the Orientation.
11. Is there any airport pick-up service?
Yes, our IC TEAM (International Connection Team) can pick you up from Nantes Airport or Nantes railway station. Please write to icbuddyaudencia@gmail.com or visit their facebook page.