Audencia Business School Grande Ecole Master in Management/Specialization Courses
Audencia Business School
Grande Ecole Master in Management/Specialization courses

For a normal workload of 30 ECTS credits, students should take:
  • 1 pre-elective course (optional course) group 1 (2 ECTS credits)
  • 1 pre-elective course (optional course) group 2 (2 ECTS credits)
  • 1 Major/Specialization (28 ECTS credits)
A major is a course "package" of 28 ECTS. You will be automatically enrolled in all of its classes and it is not possible to only take some of the classes within a major and to drop others!

Pre electives courses last 2 weeks and must be chosen carefully as some electives are not compatible with some majors or mandatory for some others.

You are not obliged to take an elective with your major. With only a major you would get 28 ECTS credits. In order to get 30 ECTS credits, you should take a major (28 ECTS) and one elective (2 ECTS) of either group 1 or group 2.

Please note that it is not possible to combine electives in English and a major taught in French.
For students staing the entire year, please note that it is not possible to take the management of digital business in fall and the consulting major in spring.


Specialization courses taught in English

Specialization courses taught in French

Management Consulting (Spring and Fall) Business Development (Spring and Fall)
Marketing for Product Managers (Spring and Fall) Contrôle de Gestion (Spring and Fall)
Corporate Finance (Spring and Fall) Dirigeants et Entrepreneurs (Spring and Fall)
Financial Markets (Spring only) Finance d'Entreprise (Spring and Fall) This major is taught in English and French
Management of Digital Business and Information Technology (Fall only) Marketing à l'Ere Digitale (Spring and Fall)
Supply Chain and Purchaising Management (Spring only) Management des Institutions culturelles (Spring only)
Managing for Sustainable Impact (Spring only)
Management et conseil en ressources humaines (Spring only)
Management des Risques Financiers (Spring only)



Other available courses

S3CLE400 French as a Foreign Language