Audencia Business School Media and Communication Classes

Audencia Business School
Media and Communication Classes

The courses below are suitable for undergraduate and graduate students
Exchange students coming in fall can also take the public opinion elective taking place late January (see spring semester) if so they wish
If you are fluent in French (C1 level recommended), you can check the list of courses offered in French

August 27th - December 20th 2020
retake exams: January 27th
January 17th- May 20th 2020
TC01 - Theories of information and communication Elective (January 20-23)
Choose one of the classes below
TC02 - Fundamentals of organisation theories applied
to communication and media.
ELE13 - Public opinion and mass media   
TC03 - Marketing - concepts and issues for communication
and media.
ELE05 - Environmental communication
TC04 - Survey methods in communication and media
This class needs to be taken together with micro agency, below
Core Courses (January - March)
TC07 - Micro agency - applied communication
and media surveys
 Epistemology of Information and Communication Sciences
also available in French
TC08 - Social media management Organisation Theories - A Managerial Approach
also available in French
CP03 - Professional communication techniques Critical Marketing  
also available in French

CP04 - News and information search and monitoring TCB10 - Micro-agency communication consulting
CP07 - Professional english as a foreign language Electives (April) - choose only one
CP12 - French as foreign language Communication Strategy & Media Planning
CP13 - Multimedia storytelling - an example of
french luxury brands
Fake news: measuring journalism objectivity
CMM03 - Consumer behaviour PR and Communication in a Global Context
MED05 - Mobile video Electives (April 27-30) - choose only one
CEI05 - Public relations theories Brand Activation
Electives (December) - choose only one ELE11 Political communication.pdf
ELE01 - Relationship marketing Press Relations
ELE06 - Politics and media coverage in france from an international perspective.pdf ELE14 - Data and communication.pdf
  Specialization Courses
  CMM01 Brand communication ecosystem.pdf
   Sensitive Communication
   Business Model Media
   Other courses
  Pack-Office (E-Learning) for Word, Excel & Powerpoint
   English as a Foreign Language
  French as a Foreign Language